China, As Seen By a Pole Dancer (in The New York Times Chinese edition)

That world, of sequins and sweat, where bruises are badges and the goal is to fly. The one I call my second home:

“Dark, Beautiful Force” podcast in Far Fetched Fables

Beautiful narration of “Dark, Beautiful Force” (originally in Daily Science Fiction, June 2013) here:

“Mortar Flowers” is in Nature!

My first sale ever, “Mortar Flowers,” is out today in the June 13th issue of Nature!

You can read it here:                          (Check out the PDF version–it’s quite pretty ;)).

Well, what a crazy, wondrous journey it has been. I had 82 writing rejections at the time of the sale.
As for the story behind the story:

A few years ago, I stumbled across the concept of Sarajevo roses, and I developed a reverent fascination for this unique, deeply meaningful art form. When I then read that the concrete was being replaced in the Sarajevo and the roses were disappearing, I was struck by an instant sense of loss. I kept trying to find out who had made the roses in the first place, but I never did. That was the inspiration for the Cement Florist.