New Story “中文学校:ABC成长的烦恼” /“中文学校:ABC的自我奋斗”

Here’s another one I wrote! Reflecting on my relationship with my parents’ language, especially through those teen years of motivated rebellion/rejection and then college, when I re-evaluated who I wanted to be based on the cultures that made me–an arc that I think many children of immigrants will identify with. Part 1: Part 2:

“Red Mask” @ Shimmer

My story “Red Mask,” which is my favorite that I’ve written up to date, about a serial killer who steals women’s faces in a retro-futuristic Shanghai, is the March cover story at Shimmer Magazine! You can read it here:

My piece on Xinjiang, in The New York Times (Chinese Web)

This was the last journey I took in China–one that I thought about for a long time but lacked the courage to go on until my last month. Xinjiang is a beautiful place, a silk road hub that’s historically been the crossroads of multiple religions and ethnicities, and it’s a very controversial place in China … More My piece on Xinjiang, in The New York Times (Chinese Web)